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Secrets to SQE Success

Secrets to SQE Success

Welcome to the ultimate resource hub for succeeding in the SQE. Here, you'll find a curated collection of content including our first-of-its-kind SQE guide, articles and videos covering the first-hand tips, tricks and secrets of students who have studied and taken the SQE assessments and supervisors who have played a part in their journey.

The aim of this hub is to equip you with the best advice and feedback from real students who have sat through the exams and prep courses so that you can best prepare for your journey. This includes tips on how to best approach studying, manage the course content and organise your schedules, prep tips for the assessment days and how to make the most of your 1-2-1 sessions with your supervisors if you study with the College.

Looking for general SQE knowledge and information? Check out our SQE information hub.

SQE information Hub


When it comes to the SQE there's nothing more authentic than hearing the first-hand experiences of the students who have either taken the SQE assessments and tips from those who helped prep the students for these tests. In the below articles we look at the experiences of students while taking our prep courses and what they had to say about the content as well as the experiences of students with the assessments themselves. Our supervisors also provide a list of tips and secrets to succeeding with the SQE for students looking to study. 


Students' experiences of the College's SQE prep courses: what do they really think?
In order to best prepare for the SQE assessments you need to ensure your SQE prep is up to scratch and it's a big commitment, that's why we've collected the experiences of our students to help you make the right choice...


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The truth about the SQE: Students reveal all on their exam journey

We asked our students about their honest experiences with the SQE assessments, to share the good, the bad and the ugly, helping you know beforehand just what to expect and how to best juggle your time to prepare...


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The College of Legal Practice's supervisors share their secrets to SQE success for students
Whilst our students put an immense amount of effort into preparing for the SQE assessments, our supervisors definitely play a big role in equipping them for success, here are our supervisors' top tips for SQE success...


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the first of its kind - the secrets to sqe success guide

The wide range of learning materials means you can find ways to make them work for you. I’m neurodivergent and I learn better by hearing rather than reading, so I recorded audio of all the videos for each of the modules back to back, and then I would listen to them over and over again.


Student at The College of Legal Practice

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