Education in Practice.

Education in Practice.

College of Legal Practice

The College of Law is an educational charity and is the largest provider of practice-focused legal education in Australasia. The College of Legal Practice in the UK was established in April 2019 by The College of Law with Professor Nigel Savage (Past President of the University of Law, former Hefce Board member, and TDAP committee member) as CEO.

The College of Legal Practice’s expertise in online, modular, practice based legal training is perfectly placed to deliver legal training urgently needed as a result of the radical changes with the launch of the SQE to replace the GDL and LPC.

Our mission in the UK is the same as for Australasia - to enhance the careers of legal professionals through the delivery of innovative, practice-focused legal education and training.

The College of Legal Practice is building on the work established by The College of Law Australia over 45 years with leading law firms in the UK.



The College of Legal Practice Difference

The new SRA reforms are a catalyst for change. They replace the need to follow a standard one size fits all LPC model. Any new training model must be designed to serve the needs of the customers rather than the law schools and adaptable to meet emerging trends.

We will train lawyers to serve clients, so on our training programmes lawyers deal with client issues, producing the advice and documents they have to produce in practice, in the context of the transactions and matters that they work on for clients. We then supervise and assess learning gain by the quality of that work.

All of this is delivered using the latest technology through an online platform and personal tutoring tailored to the needs of different types of firms, organisations and lawyers. We also have a faculty of experienced England & Wales practitioners who provide know-how, support and feedback to enable lawyers to succeed and develop their professional capabilities.

“The extent and pace of change within the legal sector is unprecedented and the demands on junior lawyers are greater than ever. Legal education needs to respond to this dynamic environment and we believe we are the first provider of legal education and training fully and fundamentally to address the breadth of skills, attributes and critical-thinking required by today’s lawyers. Lawyers will need to be far more than just technology literate - they will need a deep understanding of new and emerging business models (which will inevitably embrace huge changes in the way law firms harness and use technology), and to think across boundaries and geographies.

Law firms will need business-minded lawyers who are comfortable operating within a rapidly developing and changing environment. Our aim is to be here to provide the lawyers of tomorrow with a quality of legal education and training that is highly relevant to the dynamics of the legal sector and to offer support at every stage of a lawyer’s career."


Richard Clark

Non-Executive Chairman
The College of Legal Practice