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Career Guidance

Career Guidance

For law students, navigating the complex and competitive landscape of career options can be a daunting task. The traditional training contract saw as many as thousands of students competing for the same contract and opportunity to train with a firm, luckily with the introduction of Qualifying Work Experience there are now more avenues to getting the career development and experience you need to qualify, however that doesn't make it easy. With the right guidance and support, law students can gain a clearer understanding of their options and develop a strategic plan to achieve their career objectives. This page provides valuable insights and resources in topics such as networking, application processes, vacation schemes and more, with the aims of helping law students make informed decisions about their future careers in the legal industry and provide practical tips to help you succeed.

In your SQE2 prep, never miss a feedback session. Even if you didn’t turn any work in or think you performed poorly, feedback sessions are ideal getting you up to speed with the course and brushing up your knowledge of each practice area. Then, you can work with the tutor to understand what the assessors are looking for in each particular assessment section.


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Steps to progress your career: Undergraduates edition

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for undergraduate law students. In this section, we will walk you through the key areas of focus for each year of your studies, providing valuable insights to help you focus on areas to develop or improve upon while completing your law degree to prepare you for your career in law. Whether you're just starting your first year or approaching the final stretch, we've got you covered, from networking and career fairs to vacation schemes and more, allowing you to be well-prepared for life after graduation.


First Year Undergraduates 
Your first year of undergraduate study is a fantastic opportunity to explore your future interests, placements you may undertake or career opportunities you will look to as a graduate...

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Second Year Undergraduates 
By now, we would expect that your CV is relevant and up to date, and you have a professional profile on LinkedIn. Hopefully you have also decided if you want to become a solicitor...

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Third Year Undergraduates 
The most important focus in your 3rd year goes without saying - you need to focus on your studies. For many SQE preparation courses and Masters Programmes, you will need a 2:2 and...

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